Intel's conceptual Adrenaline Dress gets upset when you do

Its built-in Curie module monitors your adrenaline and reacts accordingly.

Intel tapped Chromat to make its weird and wonderful Adrenaline Dress. Packing Intel's Curie computing module, the garment senses differences in adrenaline, based on your skin conductivity. A network of elaborate 3D-printed panels and a carbon-fiber skeleton then expands outwards, like a mutant porcupine had wings. Interestingly, there's no airpump or servos: it uses alloys that expand and contract to heat that are responsible for the movement. It's another design concept, but this one means to showcase its Curie module, while 2014's spider nightmare focused on RealSense. Curie is a more realistic proposition when it comes to smart garments -- because it's, well, tiny.

Photos by Will Lipman.