Olloclip's new iPhone accessory is definitely not a clip

Add mics, lenses, a flash, tripods and other stuff to your iPhone, you monster.

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Your fevered dreams of a self-contained iPhone studio are here. Olloclip (a company best-known for its lens clip-ons) might have gone too far. "Studio by Olloclip" is a rugged-looking iPhone case that includes a stabilizing two-finger grip and comes with a collection of adapters for camera accessories. Even without attaching anything, it'll be a squeeze to pocket it -- but then it's not really a day-to-day case. Start using the built-in 1/4-20 mounts, or say a tripod, or a flash or even an ole' fashioned lens, and it all begins to look a little crazy. (Although if your iPhone is your de facto video camera -- the package makes sense.) And if you want to know what one too many iPhone camera accessories look like, take a look below.

The adapters are compatible with third-party accessories, so your existing peripherals should connect just fine. There's also a kickstand, but you'd have to take off the majority of the other add-ons before its up to the task. The case launches in the US and Europe today, priced at $89, with both iPhone 6 and 6+ models set to go out next month.
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