What you missed on day five at CES

A VR 'vomit comet,' a dopamine stimulator and a hoodie that massages you anywhere, anytime

CES 2016 Day 5 Recap

The longer CES goes on, the weirder it gets -- and not just because five days is wayyy too much time in Vegas. Rather, the big consumer announcements have already been made, so we're left with the more prosaic technology. Luckily, that's often the most fun. We saw a motion simulator called Moveo that could help you explore virtual reality's full vomit potential, for one. If you'd rather keep your thrills more grounded, BMW launched a connected motorcycle helmet with a heads-up display. And now that you've finally accepted the idea of 4K, guess what? Here comes 8K! Let Editor-in-Chief Michael Gorman give you the lowdown on these and other stories, or read more in the gallery below.