ICYMI: Delivery drone for humans, VR gaming and more

The Jetsons future vehicle will cost you around $300,000 in present-day bucks.

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ICYMI: Delivery drone for humans, VR gaming and more image
ICYMI: Delivery drone for humans, VR gaming and more image
ICYMI: Delivery Drone for Humans, VR Gaming and More

Today on In Case You Missed It: The Ehang 184 is a Personal Flying Vehicle (PFV) that promises to deliver human cargo to its commuting destination in a way that has us intrigued and also, of course, mildly terrified. It can hold one person and fly anywhere within a 23-minute flight time radius. The person inside will use a very simple interface to take off and land, and be able to sit back and chill. Now we jsut have to wait while the at least $200,000 (but, probably more like $300,000) drone gets built, with a goal of reaching production by next year.

In virtual gaming, Krush surprised everyone with a concept pod that can hold one person and spin 360 degrees, though they say it won't be in production for a few more years. Also in VR gaming, Virtuax brought a fully-functional model of its Omni VR treadmill to CES, which proved to be a really rad way to go full killing-spree on robots for only $700.

And finally, we had to try out the the personal manicure artist in a box called iNail. Geared for nail salons, it puffs paint in intricate designs onto nails and is available for nearly $3,000.

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