Watch SpaceX staff erupt as Falcon 9 nails the landing

A new sizzle reel captures the touchdown (and party) from every angle.

"The Falcon has landed." With that pronouncement, the SpaceX ground crew shares hugs and high fives, while a huge crowd of employees explodes in celebration. Sure, the new video of December's mission is an overproduced PR effort from Musk & crew, but it's an enjoyable four minute summary. Set to Incubus' Absolution Calling, it shows employees cheering milestones like the liftoff, first stage separation and satellite deployment. But you can feel the tension building as the Falcon 9 attempts its ground-based landing, and once it alights dead in the middle of the "X," the party is on. That celebration will likely be eclipsed, though, if the next Falcon 9 mission sticks its barge landing.