Remix Massive Attack's new songs with a sensor-aware iPhone app

Drop a beat with your heartbeat.

Updated ·1 min read

It's been quite a while (2010 to be exact) since Massive Attack dropped an album. But they're back with a new tour and more importantly new music. But instead of just dropping a few singles on Spotify, they've created the trippy Fantom app for iOS that uses your heartbeat, time of day, camera and motion to remix their songs. Your personal remixes with video can be shared to Twitter and Instagram or just saved to your camera roll.

In addition to being manipulated by what's seen in the camera and your movements, different portions of a song will be played based on the time of day. So what you mix at 4pm will be different than what you mix at 10am. Another intriguing aspect is the use of heartbeats. But to get that working, you'll need an Apple Watch.

The app works with iPhone 5S and later. But while the clips for the remixes are currently in the app, the original versions of the new songs are still throwing an "available soon" window when selected.