Happy third birthday, Vine, here's what's trending

Twitter-owned video network will share what's trending, reveals the most popular memes of 2015.

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Daniel Cooper
January 22nd, 2016
Happy third birthday, Vine, here's what's trending

Vine celebrates its third birthday on January 24th, and in just three years the platform has become a cornerstone of pop culture. These days, memes just don't happen unless they got their start on Vine, and the service is embracing its reputation as a taste maker. That's why the Twitter-owned network is launching Trends on Vine, a site that enables you to keep up with what the kids are doing -- without having to sit through all those Curtis Lepore clips. In addition, the outfit has revealed the five most popular trends of Year Three, as well as the clips that inspired them.

What are Those?

Why You Always Lying?

Duck Army


John Cena

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