Apple has 1 billion active devices

That's a lot of computers and mobile gadgets.

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Apple has 1 billion active devices

Apple's device sales weren't stellar as 2015 wound to a close, but it did cross an important milestone: it now has 1 billion active devices. The figure includes all iOS, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch units that have used Cupertino's services in the past 90 days. While that's not as huge a figure as you'll see on the Android side (which crossed the 1 billion mark back in 2014), it's no mean feat for a company that focuses almost exclusively on higher-priced hardware.

Not that Apple is depending solely on an ever-growing unit count to make money. As the company explained during its fiscal results call, there's a lot of recurring revenue here. Customer satisfaction rates are very high, so existing owners are more likely to come back for upgrades and additional products (say, an Apple Watch to go with that iPhone). Also, there are services that are consistent money makers -- Apple Music, anyone? We're sure that Apple still wants to sell lots of devices (it remains "bullish" on places like China and India), but it's adamant that this isn't the only criteria that matters.

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