Apple News is reportedly getting subscription articles

That's a good thing for publishers with paywalls.

Apple is getting ready to bring paywalled articles to its News app, sources familiar with the matter have told Reuters. If true, this would signify a major change in the service, since it would provide publishers with paywalls (such as The New York Times and Wall Street Journal) a new way to display their entire content. Currently, these publications can only provide excerpts from articles to Apple News users, and the app doesn't support account logins for subscribers. That's very different than the full reading experience offered by free, ad-supported publishers.

As Reuters points out, making such a move would also benefit Apple tremendously. Not only would the company appease paid publications, but it would help differentiate News from other similar products -- including Facebook's Instant Articles. There are no details on how (or when) this will work within the iOS application, but something tells us we could learn more about that at Apple's rumored March event, if not sooner.