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Firewatch Photos will print and ship your in-game snapshots

The novel feature is only available on PC for now, but PS4 could get it in the future.

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Campo Santo / Panic
Campo Santo / Panic

In-game photo modes are cool and all, but beyond sharing your Driveclub or Arkham Knight snaps via social media, there isn't much you can do with them. Well, in the PC version of Firewatch (out this week, and on PlayStation 4) you can go a step further and have them printed and mailed to you from the folks at developer Campo Santo and publisher Panic. There's an in-game disposable camera, you see, and photographing artist Olly Moss's gorgeous landscapes is highly recommended; $15 nets you a set of 4" x 6" prints and they'll ship free "almost anywhere." TechnoBuffalo notes that after finishing the game you're presented with a link to an online store to place an order for your shots; that publication's photos are embedded below.

The reason the feature isn't available on PlayStation 4 yet? Firewatch Photos is a network service, and Panic's Cabel Sasser tells Polygon that consoles need to be "extra vigilant" about network access. "We are actively investigating what it would take to make this happen on the PlayStation 4," Sasser says. "Sony wants it and so do we!"

Polygon's piece also explores the origins of the mode and how deep the thought process was for the feature. A line of dialogue was rewritten and re-recorded to reflect the fiction's photo processing store after the original bits of script was already in the can, for instance. What's more, the idea of getting physical copies of the photos came up as an off-handed idea amongst the team."When there's an idea that immediately excites us both -- like the idea behind Firewatch in the first place -- it's hard to stop us from doing it," says Sasser. Sounds like PS4 support is a matter of "when," not "if," in this case.
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