Machine turns your Twitter posts into tasty cocktails

Data Cocktail picks ingredients based on keywords in social updates.

Ever wondered what your tweets would taste like if you could distill them into a drink? Probably not, but there's now a way to find out. Clément Gault and Koi Koi Design have whipped up Data Cocktail, an Arduino-powered machine that creates a drink based on Twitter updates. In its current incarnation, it looks for the five latest tweets mentioning keywords linked to ingredients, and fills the glass accordingly. The result is an original, spur-of-the-moment mix -- it'll even print out the 'recipe' (really, a ratio of the keywords) and thank the users who unwittingly contributed to the beverage.

There aren't any known plans to let you buy Data Cocktail or make one of your own, but it could easily stick around. The creators note that they can easily change the keywords, ingredients and proportions to suit specific events. You may well see this robotic bartender producing drinks based on election coverage, award show buzz and even the trending Twitter topics du jour.