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Netflix kids series 'Beat Bugs' features music of The Beatles

We see what you did there, Netflix.

Amazon and Netflix are cranking out original series at a rapid pace. The content isn't just for adults, though, as both streaming libraries feature a smattering of original kids stuff, too. Netflix is expanding its lineup with Beat Bugs: an animated series that follows the adventures of five friends. What's more, the show is inspired by songs from The Beatles, because, you know... bugs. As you might expect, the tunes are a big part of the show and there's some well-known artists who cover the tracks for the series.

The likes of Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, The Shins, Sia, Of Monsters and Men, P!nk and more all lend vocals to the classic songs. Even late-night host James Corden, known for his "Carpool Karaoke," makes an appearance. Beat Bugs is set to debut in August, but Netflix isn't offering a specific date just yet. For now, have a look at the teaser trailer just down below.