Elon Musk: You can reserve a Model 3 starting March 31st

So, get in line now? (And bring $1,000.)

AP Photo/Reed Saxon

Even though Elon Musk said earlier today that he's not sure how much of Tesla's Model 3 will be unveiled next month, you'll still be able to get in line right away. Musk (shown above posing in front of a Model S during its 2009 debut event) just tweeted that Model 3 reservations will be accepted at Tesla stores on March 31st, and online starting April 1st. You'll need to put $1,000 down towards the car's price, which will start at $35,000 before any incentives are applied.

We should note that while Musk says there will no Signature Series this time around (like the high-price limited models that launched Tesla's Model X), while talking to investors he said the first models will come with many options installed, so the price could be a bit higher for early buyers. Whatever we see at the launch event next month, the Model 3 is supposed to go on sale in late 2017 so you'll have to let Tesla hold that down payment for a little while and hope there's no Bolt envy in the meantime. The online reservations will be taken globally, and Musk promises more details "in the coming weeks" -- stay tuned.