Tesla's cheapest Model X is priced at $80,000

If you don't mind waiting on delivery, the Tesla Model X is now on sale to the public. Like the Model S before it, there's three different versions to choose, but the 70D starts at $80,000 -- before incentives like federal (and possibly state) tax credits. The 70D has an estimated range of 220 miles and a top speed of 140 mph, while the 90D runs to 257 miles, with a 155-mph top speed. The P90D (the first Model X that'll arrive in early 2016), reduces the range to 250 miles, but will hit 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds (or 3.2 if you're feeling Ludicrous). While we don't have the pricing on all the models, Tesla has shared some of the configuration prices. They're all outlined after the break, but regardless of you make it your own, expect the cheaper 90D and 70D models to land mid- and late 2016.

While all Model Xs come with a standard five-seater config, six seats will cost $3,000 extra, while seven is a $4,000 charge. That fancy Autopilot feature will add $2,500 to that ever-increasing bill, while air suspensions (fitted as standard on the P90D and the 90D), will cost 70D buyers another $2,500. There will also be a $2,500 premium sound system option, subzero weather package ($1,000) and a $750 towing pack option. If you wanted everything, you could very easily top $100k for the privilege.