James Woods gets permission to sue his Twitter abuser

Actor wins a hearing to learn the identity of an anonymous user and sue them for $10 million.

Steven Senne/AP

This week has already seen plenty of focus on Twitter's sometimes toxic culture, and now another high-profile victim is speaking out. James Woods has reportedly been given the go-ahead to launch a $10 million anti-defamation lawsuit against an anonymous Twitter user that suggested the actor used drugs. The case was expected to be thrown out by Judge Mel Recana at a hearing on February 2nd, but chose not to at the last minute. The Hollywood Reporter is claiming to have seen court documents saying that the statement was sufficiently factual not to be dismissed as Twitter hyperbole.

The case will now continue, and it's likely that the discovery process will force Twitter to reveal the identity of Abe List. Then again, Twitter has already opposed the move once before, saying that the actions of Woods' lawyers flew in the face of the first amendment, and may look to do so again. It does, however, look as if this anonymous user will be compelled to turn up and argue if they had a basis for making the accusation. Woods, naturally, was pleased that he may yet get his day in court, saying that "Twitter users beware: you are not above the law." Lisa Bloom, who is representing the currently-anonymous defendant, tweeted a statement saying that Abe List looks forward to "presenting the issues to the Court of Appeal."