Coleco Chameleon retro game console heads to Kickstarter

After failing on Indiegogo, the Retro VGS team is back with a big-name partner.

Coleco's Chameleon console promises a true old-school gaming experience. That means its games will look and feel like the titles you might have played decades ago, and they absolutely won't release wallet-thinning DLCs. They're not computers in a console's body like modern models. Its developer, Retro Video Game Systems, Inc., plans to release new games (in cartridge form, of course) by indie developers and SNES titles ported for the system. But before that happens it still has to raise funds via Kickstarter, beginning on February 26th, 2016.

The upcoming crowdfunding campaign won't be this console's first rodeo. As Gizmodo Toyland notes, the company tried to raise funds for the console last year via Indiegogo, when it was still simply called Retro VGS. It had an ambitious funding goal -- $1,950,000 -- but only raised a bit over $80,000. It's called Coleco Chameleon now, as the company signed a deal with the old gaming company. Coleco used to make handhelds and mini-arcades for Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, among other games, back in 80's.

According to the developer's Facebook page, you can get a Chameleon if you pledge at least $135. It'll come with a controller and some cables, including HDMI and A/V jacks, since it works with a wide range of displays. The best thing about it, though, is that you won't need to download a Day One patch and can start playing as soon as you get it... assuming it makes its way to backers this time around.