The latest menswear accessory is a Surface Book

Japanese department store Isetan has Surface Books and tablets alongside suits, bags and a "hologram" mirror.

Mat Smith, Engadget

As the line between fashion and technology continues to blur, Microsoft Japan is taking the well-trodden path of fashion collaboration to promote its Surface Book and tablets. Microsoft has claimed a corner of the upscale department store Isetan Men's in Shinjuku, Tokyo, stocking its hybrid PCs next to pricey fashion items. There's also a digital "hologram" mirror, which shoppers can use to see how they look in 360-degrees. Shop attendants scan you with a Surface -- of course -- while a platform spins you around. The results are then beamed to a floating display so that you can see how you really look. Browse the department store collaboration for yourself in our gallery:

Isetan Men's and Microsoft Surface team up is cooler than it has any right to be.

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