Fan-powered hoverboard needs your money to kickstart production

ArcaBoard's maker is trying to raise funds via Kickstarter.

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Fan-powered hoverboard needs your money to kickstart production

Arca Space started accepting pre-orders for its hoverboard in December, but it looks like the company needs a bit more help to begin mass producing the device. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the ArcaBoard and aims to raise $250,000. Unlike those two-wheeled scooters we call "hoverboards" today, the ArcaBoard can actually levitate despite its clunky looks. It can carry up to 243 pounds using the power of 36 small fans and a few bigger ones, which sounds great! Problem is, it has a pitiful, six-minute battery life. Not to mention, it costs a small fortune.

Obviously, you can't use it to commute to work or school, so you're essentially buying a very expensive toy. In fact, you'll have to choose the highest tier worth $10,000 to get a unit as a Kickstarter reward. That's still insanely exorbitant, sure, but it's nowhere near its original $19,900 retail price. That said, you'll have to spend another $4,500 if you want the separate dock that can recharge it within 35 minutes. You'll likely spring for that too if you have more money to burn, because its takes SIX hours -- that's one hour per minute it can float -- to get a full battery using the charger it comes with.

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