'Star Wars Battlefront' adds a retro film grain option

If you yearn for the pre-DVD days of 'Star Wars' movies, today's your lucky day.

Are you the sort of Star Wars fan who seeks out "de-specialized" versions of the original movies, and knows that Han shot first? If so, you're going to have a field day with the latest update for Star Wars Battlefront. The release adds a film grain option that lets you dial in as much of that classic look as you like, giving the game more of the late '70s/early '80s vibe from the early flicks. That's not the only upgrade, either.

The patch also brings a brand new map ("Twilight on Hoth") and introduces new offline and online missions. Moreover, the optional Battle of Jakku (the closest you'll get to The Force Awakens content) is now a standard part of the game -- you don't need to grab it after you've installed the core experience. All told, EA and DICE clearly want you coming back as often as possible, even if it means giving away significant content for free.