Playdate: Crushing the Rebel scum in 'Star Wars: Battlefront'

Not too long from now, on a Twitch stream in the very near future, Sean Buckley and myself will be blasting Rebel scum in Star Wars: Battlefront. The sci-fi shooter's the topic du jour on the latest edition of Playdate and you can tune in starting at 6 PM ET/ 3 PM Pacific to catch two hours of the hot Empire on Rebel action across Sullust, Hoth, and who even knows where else? And since we streamed the game's beta on PlayStation 4 we're giving the full version a go on PC today. As always, you can tune in here on this post, the Engadget Gaming homepage or if you'd like to join us in chat -- it's your destiny.

Playdate Crushing Rebel Scum in 'Star Wars: Battlefront'

[We're streaming Star Wars: Battlefront at 720p through OBS so rest assured, destroying the Rebels will look dramatically better on your setup at home.]