Dear Veronica: A dialog for doge

When all your adorable puppy wants to do is DESTROY!

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Veronica Belmont
February 24th, 2016
In this article: coding, culture, Dogs, opinion, video
Dear Veronica: A dialog for doge image
Dear Veronica: A dialog for doge image
Dear Veronica: Clocks, Pups and Code!

At long last, the Internet has gifted me with another Dear Veronica question about dogs! I try to help out a couple dealing with a particularly mouthy doge... sorry, Shiba Inu. However, most of this advice will be applicable to any breed!

Also on the show today, Conrad Muan helps answer a question about how coders check their work. With so many lines of code, there's gotta be a quicker way! Speaking of time, I also get into why alarm clocks use the nine-minute snooze. There's a real reason!

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