Stripe wants to help you start a business in the US

For $500, Stripe will register overseas startups as a Delaware corporation, instantly making business in the US pretty easy.

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Pau Barrena/Bloomberg via Getty
Pau Barrena/Bloomberg via Getty

Mobile payments platform Stripe has launched a new product that lets anyone in the world start their own business in the US. Stripe Atlas is designed to enable people or, more likely, startups from around the globe to get a foothold in America. Once you've paid a $500 one-off fee, Stripe will incorporate a domestic subsidiary of your business in Delaware. In addition, you'll be automatically enrolled with the IRS, as well as having an account opened for you at the Silicon Valley Bank.

The Next Web was on hand when the product launched, and Stripe's Patrick Collison (pictured) explained the idea behind it. According to the CEO, launching a business in the US is a long, drawn-out process that can be more effort than it's really worth. By streamlining this process, Stripe is hoping to encourage global businesses -- not to mention make a bundle on commissions from every transaction processed. Certainly it seems like a no-brainer for busy entrepreneurs who can't afford to hire the lawyers who until now were necessary for selling their wares to Americans.

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