In Sweden, McDonald's Happy Meals come with VR goggles

But only for a limited time.

Swedish kids (and adults) can get a toy much sweeter than Barbies and Hot Wheels with their Happy Meals this month. Over the weekends of March 5th and March 12th, 14 McDonald's outlets in Sweden are bundling real, working virtual reality headsets with their Happy Meal boxes. In fact, the boxes themselves were designed to transform into "Happy Goggles." You just have to cut on the dotted line, fold it a bit, slip in the goggles and your phone to get something similar to Google Cardboard. The best part is, it will only cost you around $4.10, and that includes the grub inside. It most likely won't be as good as more expensive VR devices, but it sounds like an affordable introduction to the world of virtual reality.

According to AdWeek, Golden Arches came up with the promo specifically for Sportlov, a one-week school break meant to encourage families to go on ski trips. McD's even developed a ski-themed VR game called Slope Stars to go with the headset. The publication says McD's will only be selling 3,500 Happy Goggles in all. McDonald's Sweden exec Jeff Jackett told AdWeek that this is merely "the first trial run globally," though, so we're hoping Ronald and friends end up offering this special Happy Meal worldwide.