'Rock Band 4' is coming to the PC with your help

Harmonix has launched a crowdfunding campaign to put its music game on computers.

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'Rock Band 4' is coming to the PC with your help

If you wailed when you heard that Rock Band 4 wasn't coming to the PC, it's time to wipe those tears away -- you now have a chance to make it happen. Harmonix has kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to bring its latest music game to Windows systems through Steam. So long as the company reaches its $1.5 million goal by April 5th, you'll get a version of RB4 that transcends what you can do on consoles. You'll get to directly sell your own songs through Steam Workshop, for example, recreating Rock Band Network without all the overhead. It'll support a mouse and keyboard outside of songs, too, so you won't have to fiddle with your plastic guitar just to change settings.

Speaking of which: yes, the odds are that your existing Rock Band controllers will work. Harmonix and Sumo Digital (the studio that will handle the PC port) are making sure that as many existing peripherals will work as possible. You shouldn't have to re-purchase gear or leave your existing hardware gathering dust in the closet.

If you like the idea, it'll take at least a $49 pledge to get a copy (minus instruments) around the fourth quarter of this year. That's not cheap, especially if you already own an earlier Rock Band title, but it beats the $60 you'd pay after launch. And look at it this way: if you've been frustrated at the lack of big-name music titles for computers, this is a way to make your voice heard.

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