'Rocket League' has an official championship

And it will be streamed live on Twitch.

Rocket League is practically tailor-made for tournaments (it's football/soccer with cars, after all), and Psyonix is determined to make the most of that fact. It's teaming up with Twitch to launch the Rocket League Championship Series, an official 3-vs-3 competition with real-world stakes. The two are running 3-month seasons that will offer a $75,000 prize pool to the top players -- peanuts next to some tourneys, but enough that it could be worth brushing up on your mid-air shots. Only PS4 and Windows PC players can qualify (at least at first) once the series begins this month, although every playoff match will be streamed over Twitch if you can't join in with your Xbox One.

The alliance is part of a trend of Twitch partnerships, and hints that these kinds of eSports arrangements could be common going forward. Twitch stands to profit from hordes of viewers, of course, but it's also a potential win for gamers. Official championships not only give you a reason to keep playing, but can keep your favorite game in the limelight for longer. You may not have to worry as much about a multiplayer-focused title like Rocket League dying a quick death simply because you've run out of fresh opponents.