Spotify's Fresh Finds playlists serve up undiscovered artists

"Fire Emoji" is one of five new curated genre-specific playlists.

Last summer, Spotify rolled out its Discover Weekly feature that builds a new playlist each week based on your listening habits. I've actually found the tool to be quite useful for discovering new music and now the streaming service is looking to expand its recommendations. With Fresh Finds, Spotify creates genre-specific playlists uses software and human "tastemakers" to identify undiscovered artists before they become popular. The process for choosing the tracks includes analyzing listening patterns of users who seem to have a knack for "up and coming music" (those so-called tastemakers) and monitoring the web for additional info.

More specifically, the Fresh Finds playlists include five options: Fire Emoji (hip-hop), Basement (electronic), Hiptronix (vocal pop), Six Strings (guitar driven) and Cyclone (experimental). The new lists will be updated every Wednesday with the latest soon-to-be hits, so if you find something you like, remember to save it. New material every week makes Fresh Finds similar to that Discovery Weekly playlist as well, and Spotify seems bent on offering ways to keep your music habit from becoming stale. The Fresh Finds collections are available in the app starting today, and you can find them via the Browse tab.