ICYMI: Fast brain upload, mind-control monkeys & more

Monkeys are moving wheelchairs around with their minds, guys.

ICYMI: Fast Brain Upload System, Mind-Control Monkeys & More

Today on In Case You Missed It: Researchers at HRL Labs have developed a system to upload information to your brain using electrical signals already mapped from an expert's mind. Duke University is testing a wireless brain-machine interface that allows monkeys to steer a wheelchair with their mind, which they were able to do while also improving their skills over time. Cardiologists have a new tool to roto-rooter blood vessels filled with plague in the first FDA approved device that helps surgeons see inside vessels with a built-in camera.

In case your presidential race watching hadn't gotten to hate-stage yet, make sure to take in how John McAfee is willing to hold the highest office in the US. You know, if he has to.

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