3D-printed (nearly) nude selfies are a thing

Firebox launches Nudee, a way to turn yourself into a near-naked figurine.

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3D-printed (nearly) nude selfies are a thing

One thing that you sometimes see advertised is an erotic photoshoot for couples who want to remember their sexy days in their dotage. Now, thanks to the confluence of digital photography and 3D-printing, you can now go one better and immortalize yourself in three dimensions. British retailer Firebox is launching Nudee, a service that adds your head onto a 7.8-inch figurine that's wearing nothing but underwear. All you have to do is take two selfies: one face on and one in profile, as well as choosing a body type between slim, curvy or muscular. Then all you have to do is wait the 3-4 weeks it'll take for delivery.

We've seen something similar like this before, although in that case it was to put your head on the body of a Star Trek figurine. The idea of using 3D-printing and face scanning tech for celebrating nudity is certainly a novel use of the technology. Then again, we're not entirely sure how many people would want something like this adorning their desk next to their Star Wars figurines. But if you don't suffer from our lack of imagination, then you can grab one of these from today for £149.99, with shipping currently limited to the UK.

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