Chrome Music Lab puts sound experiments on your browser

Google hopes to spark musical curiosity in everyone.


If you love to play with musical instrument apps, you might find Chrome Music Lab entertaining. It doesn't have straightforward virtual pianos or guitars -- it's more of a collection of experiments (some familiar, some odd) to explore sounds, rhythms and melodies. One of them plays notes and tunes based on what you draw, for instance, while another remixes your voice. There's also one experiment that works like a stripped down rhythm game if you're not quite up for a round of Rock Band or Rhythm Heaven.

Google put the Lab together for Music in Our Schools Month, because the company "wanted to make learning music a bit more accessible." That's why you can play with all its experiments right on your browser without having to download extensions or add-ons. The best thing about Music Lab, though, is that you don't have to know how to read notes or play an instrument to enjoy it: just go to its website and poke around to have some fun.