Google+ Create program will highlight experts in their field

The social network will verify their accounts and promote their content.

Google+ has launched a new program called "Create" that puts makers, artists, influencers and experts in their field in front of a bigger audience. If you'll recall, Mountain View redesigned its social network last year to focus on Communities and Collections. Communities are a place where people can share posts revolving around their interests, while Collections is a feature that collates a user's posts that focus on a single topic.

The Create program seeks to find and promote the platform's most active users who make their own content. Say, chefs who post their own recipes, photographers who share their own pictures, explorers who document their journeys or astrophysicists who can explain what gravitational waves are. Google product manager Daniel Raynaud told TechCrunch that they're "looking for people who have both a passion for their subject, and also put great effort and craft into their posts." He added that the G+ team's goal is to "continually evolve the program to accommodate participants around the world, that represent varying interests and passions."

Google will screen anyone interested in being a part of the program. Those who get approved will go though profile verification. Their collections will also be featured from time to time, and they'll get to test upcoming G+ features before anyone else. If you're interested in leveraging the platform to drum up interest in your craft, check out the current list of Create members to know what kind of users the program's accepting.