ICYMI: Space junk reboot, biological machine v2 and more

The biobots can now respond to visual cues and use energy from their own muscles.

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ICYMI: Space Junk Reboot, Biological Machine V2 and More

Today on In Case You Missed It: NASA thinks it can extend the life of even dead satellites orbiting Earth with a new solution from the agency and Orbital ATK. Mission Extension Vehicles should go up in 2018 and give the sats battery power for as long as another 15 years. A game developer is trying to make older, classic Nintendo games 3D with an emulator that uses a custom algorithm to separate flat backgrounds into 3D objects. And the National Science Foundation funded work to create a biological machine that can be controlled with electrical or optical signals-- while using it's own muscle tissue for power.

We also wanted to make sure you saw the ostrich chase video that is making the rounds.

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