JJ Abrams, Steven Spielberg back day-and-date movie service

Screening Room reportedly has the financial help of Hollywood's biggest directors and producers.

Noam Galai/Getty Images

The notion of paying $50 to watch new-in-theaters movies at home may sound wild, but it apparently has the support of the biggest directors and producers in the business. Variety sources claim that the already hyped Screening Room service has the financial support of JJ Abrams, Ron Howard, Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg, among other Hollywood luminaries. Only some of them are directly investing money, according to the tipsters, but all of them are shareholders.

Neither Screening Room nor the movie veterans are commenting on the supposed leak. If it's accurate, though, the support could be key to getting the service's foot in the door. While the startup is reportedly charging steep prices to prevent theater chains from freaking out over lost revenue, that might not be enough to assuage those fears. The backing of famous directors might convince theaters that they have little to worry about if they let you watch movies on a set-top box in your living room.