Ads on Apple's news app will soon look like normal articles

Well, aside from a line from its sponsor.

Apple is planning to offer ads that look like typical articles inside its News app. Ads will be showed right in your content feed "inline with News articles", looking almost indistinguishable from not paid-for articles. There will be a tiny "Sponsored" byline beneath article-ads, for easily fooled people like me. That said, advertisers can also choose to omit their name, and readers will simply see "sponsored" -- someone's paying for this placement, but you won't know who. The new ad format was discovered in new developer documents recently updated here, and we've added an example ad after the break

Apple is looking to other ad possibilities after announcing plans to shutter its iAd network for apps -- although it appears that this advertising option will appeal to a wider group than companies just looking to increase apps sales. It's also a different way of making money from Apple News besides that rumored subscription option for Apple News — regardless of how many of you are actually using it. We've reached out to Apple for comment.