Fossil unveils 7 more wearables, including Android Wear watches

It's also planning to release wearables from Diesel, Emporio Armani, Kate Spade and beyond.

When Fossil teased plans to have over 100 wearable devices on store shelves this year, it wasn't clowning around. On top of the abundance of devices it has unveiled so far, it's announcing seven more today. Leading the pack are two Android Wear smartwatches, the multi-finished Q Wander (above) and the slightly tougher Q Marshal. Both are available with 44mm and 46mm circular cases, wireless charging and choices of strap and body styles. They sell at the same $275 starting price as last year's Q Founder, so they might be viable choices if rivals like the Huawei Watch or Moto 360 aren't your cup of tea.

The rest are considerably stealthier. The Smart Analog Movement series expands on the Q Grant line, matching a conventional watch look with activity tracking and automatic time zone updates. Pricing isn't immediately available, but the Q Grant started at $175. The Q Motion activity trackers, meanwhile, give you a mix of activity tracking and basic call/text notifications in bracelet form for $95.

This wristwear is just a fraction of what you'll see in the near future, too. Fossil notes that its 100-plus devices will include models from several brands, including Chaps, Diesel, Emporio Armani, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Misfit and Skagen. In short, the company is determined to stay on top of the wearable trend -- it doesn't want any of its labels to be seen as behind the times.