Deezer's music streaming service arrives on the Apple Watch

The app's available everywhere Deezer is active.

There are many ways to listen to music on the Apple Watch, but if Deezer's your streaming service of choice, then it's time to add another app on your wearable. Deezer has released an app for the smartwatch, perhaps as part of its efforts to compete with Spotify and Apple Music. It comes with a bunch of key features, including Flow, which can guess the kind of music you want to hear. You can "love" or skip tracks and play a set of songs from your library based on your mood within the app. If you press firmly on the display (in other words, take advantage of its Force Touch feature), you can see your queue or play in shuffle mode, as well. Plus, the app can access all the tracks saved on your iPhone in Offline Mode. It's now available everywhere Deezer is active, and you can get it so long as your iPhone's running iOS 8.2 or higher.