Don't like Twitter's new algorithmic feed? Then turn it off.

The new timeline feature is now enabled by default.

Remember the uproar that was #RIPTwitter from a few weeks back? Well, conserve your internet outrage because, love it or hate it, Twitter's new algorithmic timeline -- the one that surfaces "tweets you are likely to care about most" -- is now enabled by default. According to The Next Web, Twitter began rolling out the feature early this week and catching many users by surprise. The change comes after the company debuted the feature back in February as a then opt-in setting. Though, at the time, it did warn users this new feed would be automatically turned on as it rolled out.

The good news is that you're not stuck with the setting which gives timeline priority to tweets from accounts you regularly interact with. You can easily head to settings to disable it. Or, if you're the lazy type, simply refresh your feed and you should see the good ol' reverse chronological timeline we all seem to cling to so fiercely.

Image credit: Twitter