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Google Maps for iOS gets more ridesharing options

Though they're mostly services outside the US.

Google Maps has added new ridesharing options to its iOS app, a week after they first became available on Android. Uber was the sole choice for years -- so long as you have the app on your phone, Maps can show how much you'd pay for a ride when you search for a destination. You can even launch the app from within Maps if you decide to make a booking. While the new new ridesharing partners are certainly welcome, there's one caveat: they're mostly services in other countries, though one offers rides in NYC.

These new options are: Gett for the UK, Israel, Russia and NYC; 99Taxis for Brazil; Ola Cabs for India; Hailo for the UK, Ireland, Spain and Singapore; and MyTaxi for Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Poland. Similar to Uber's integration, you'll need to install these apps if you want to see their pricing on Google Maps. Once you do, you can easily compare their prices with Uber's fares (whenever both are available) and decide which service to hail.