Apple made it mindlessly easy to design a custom Watch

Rose Gold and Blue Sport strap? Why the heck not?

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Apple made it mindlessly easy to design a custom Watch
Remember when the Apple Watch launched, and you had to book an appointment, with an actual human, if you wanted to try the different strap and case combinations? Apple eased up after the watch had been on sale a while, meaning as long as you were in store, and someone was available, you'd be able to try out different styles. Still, that was a bit too humany (and time consuming) for many of us. Online dwellers were stuck with a gallery of basic combinations and their imaginations. It looks like Apple finally figured out how to save us all a bunch of time, and human interaction, with an updated mix-and-match gallery.

If you head over to the gallery page now, three tabs let you slide between different cases, bands and faces just like those animal flip-books from your childhood. And, much like the Zeb-monk-aroo you made at 8 years old, the watch you'll end up with will likely be just as rare, and exotically priced. There's still no option to click and buy your creation, so you'll have to either navigate the online cart and pick out all the bits. Or, darn it, head into a store after all.

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