Steve Urkel's car has been resurrected as an electric vehicle

Yes, somebody did do that.

Micro Mobility Systems

Well, this is pretty adorable: A company is resurrecting Steve Urkel's diminutive BMW Isetta as an electric vehicle. The Microlino comes from Switzerland's Micro Mobility Systems, according to Wired, and it'll sell the 880 pound personal vehicle for between $9,000 and $13,500. Production is scheduled to start in 2018. It's rocking a 15-kilowatt electric motor that will bury the needle at an exhilarating 62 MPH, and its current 11-kWh lithium ion battery will go between 60 to 75 miles on a charge.

These specs won't do anything for you if you're looking for something to compete with that electric Corvette at the stoplight, but if you'd rather have an alternative to Nissan's blandly named New Mobility Concept, the Smart Fortwo or Toyota's i-Road, here's your chance.

Isetta vs. Microlino

Posted by Microlino on Thursday, September 17, 2015