Dyson's latest air purifier measures your air quality

Finally, a Dyson fan with an app.

Exactly one year ago, we managed to get our hands on the then new Dyson Pure Cool air purifier and quickly fell in love with it. While folks outside Asia are still waiting for the Pure Hot + Cool, Dyson is offering everyone something more special for the time being: the Pure Cool Link. As you can probably tell from the name, we finally have a Dyson fan that comes with an app (for both iOS and Android). Better yet, it even tracks your room's air quality, and this data is used for automatically adjusting the airflow in order to suppress pollution level; though the app also offers manual control over the fan speed, along with rotation toggle, timer and a night-time auto mode for quiet monitoring plus dimmer LED display.

To make the Dyson Link app more worthwhile, the company teamed up with air quality data analytics company, BreezoMeter, in order to let you compare your home's air quality, temperature and humidity with live outdoor data. It'll also warn you about high pollen count as well, in case your nose isn't so keen on that kind of stuff.

Leaving the air quality monitoring, the app and the slightly modified remote controller aside, the Pure Cool Link is otherwise virtually identical to its predecessor. It features the same cylindrical glass HEPA filter with a layer of activated carbon granules, which claims to filter out "99.97 percent of pollutants and allergens as small as 0.3 microns from the air;" or change that to 99.95 percent for as tiny as 0.1 micron. This means particles like pollen, bacteria, mold, Asbestos, odors, tobacco smoke and even carbon dust are easily trapped.

Following Japan's retail launch yesterday, the Pure Cool Link's tower variant is immediately available on Dyson's US website today for $499.99, which is actually what the earlier Pure Cool originally cost. If you want to check out the device in person, it'll be in select major stores from April 11th onwards. UK (£450) and Western Europe will also be selling the Pure Cool Link as of March 31st, followed by Canada, China and South East Asia in April.