Channel 4 adds live TV streaming to the All 4 Android app

The Android app has finally caught up with its iOS counterpart.

Updated ·1 min read

Channel 4 retired its aging 4oD platform and replaced it with the new and shiny All 4 streaming service this time last year. All 4 finally put on-demand content, live channel feeds and sundries like web shorts in one place. Well, that was true of the All 4 site and iOS app at least, but Android users have been missing out on one key feature: live TV.

They needn't turn to other services like TVPlayer any longer, though, as the All 4 Android app has now been updated with support for live channel streaming. The timing couldn't be better as far as Channel 4 is concerned, since the feature has arrived just before the broadcaster's first live Formula 1 event coverage airs this weekend. As you may remember, Channel 4 acquired certain Formula 1 broadcast rights last year, after the BBC decided it could no longer afford them.