Channel 4 will replace 4oD with new 'All 4' service on March 30th

Until now, Channel 4's streaming services have been a bit of a muddle. The renowned "4oD" platform handles all of its on-demand content, but the live channel feeds and web-centric shorts are held elsewhere. To make everything a little simpler for viewers, Channel 4 is launching a new, all-encompassing platform called "All 4" on March 30th. It'll be available for PCs, iPhones and iPads at launch, before being extended to other platforms, including Android, later in the year. The new service centers around three sections called On Demand, Now and On Soon. As the names suggest, they'll simplify where streamers can expect to find archived programmes, live broadcasts and trailers for new shows.

Aside from the launch date, most of this information isn't new, however. Luckily Channel 4 has another announcement to make today; the broadcaster is teaming up with O2 to give Priority customers early access to some of its most popular programming. So if you have an O2 number, you'll be able to watch the latest episodes from 10 shows, including Peep Show, Fresh Meat and Made in Chelsea, up to 48 hours before they're normally aired on TV. O2 says the promotion will last for the entirety of each show's upcoming season, meaning you'll be able to watch the climactic finales before all of your chums.