Microsoft wants you to hack together a 'Halo 5' app

Top prizes for the hackathon include a 1:1 Needler replica and even a Spartan helmet.

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343 Industries / Microsoft Game Studios
343 Industries / Microsoft Game Studios

Sure, you've been making multiplayer levels with Halo 5: Guardians' Forge mode, but now Microsoft wants you to create something different for the game. Like a web app or something along those lines for the stats coming from its online gametypes. Last year near Halo 5's launch developer 343 Industries released an API in beta, and now it's added access to "raw match events endpoint" data that the studio says will offer a wealth of info on each kill from any match. That's including, but not limited to, Gamertag of the rival, weapon used in the kill, where it was in terms of the game's play clock and map coordinates for where it went down.

And in an effort to incentivize developers, there's a hackathon with some really neat prizes including a 1:1 scale Needler replica, an Anubis replica helmet and 47 gold Req Packs for the grand prize winner. 343 says that entries will be judged on originality, polish and functionality. There are only three winners (something tells me if it were still a Bungie thing there'd be seven) and the contest runs through May 16th.

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