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Ticketmaster will start selling tickets on Facebook this month

Tickets to select events will go on sale before the end of April.

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You can already buy things on Facebook, and later this month, you'll be able to snag concert tickets without leaving the site, too. Ticketmaster VP Dan Armstrong told BuzzFeed in an interview that the ticket retailer would begin selling admission to live music and other events through the social network's site and mobile app before April's end. While Ticketmaster isn't the first to coordinate purchases from Facebook, making tickets to events available on the social channel seems like a good move for both companies.

Facebook users already RSVP to events on the regular, so there's certainly a convenience in having the tickets easily accessible there. You know, so you can catch up when one of your pals RSVPs to a show you either didn't know about or forgot was coming to town. It also keeps you on Facebook longer rather than having to head elsewhere to complete the transaction. As you might expect, Ticketmaster is hoping the integration will lead to more ticket sales.

Details are scarce on exactly how the process will work, but BuzzFeed does mention that Facebook stands to collect "a standard affiliate fee" from each purchase. You won't have to worry about paying extra to make a purchase on the social network, but you will still have to claim any tickets you buy from the Ticketmaster site after the initial transaction. To start, the option will be limited to a select few general admission events, so it could be a while before you can use the feature to grab all of your concert tickets. And when it's time to head home afterwards, just fire up Facebook Messenger to hail a ride.

Update: Facebook clarified that the affiliate fee will in no way impact customers, so there won't be any added fees just for purchasing via the social network. This post has been updated to reflect that clarification. Here's what it had to say:

"Millions of people on Facebook connect with their favorite bands, artists and causes to find out about events happening in their community. We've heard feedback from venues and artists that Facebook is an important platform for them to update and connect with fans. We're excited to help partners like Ticketmaster sell more tickets via Facebook and to make ticket purchasing easier and faster for people."