'Max Payne' grimaces on PlayStation 4 this week

The PSN Store listing is Europe only for now, but that shouldn't last long.

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'Max Payne' grimaces on PlayStation 4 this week
Quantum Break is the reason you should buy an Xbox One if you already haven't, but if you want to see an HD version of where developer Remedy Games basically got its start, you'll need a PlayStation 4 this week. That's because the first Max Payne is hitting the PlayStation Store -- in Europe, at least -- on April 22nd. There's no word on whether this will make its way to the US or how much it'll cost if it does, but last month when Rockstar Games' Bully and Manhunt debuted on the European store, they arrived domestically shortly thereafter for $15 each. Oh hey, if you'll remember, Rockstar published Max Payne too.Much like the pricing and stateside debut, it's a safe bet that 1080p playback, Trophies, Shareplay and Remote Play are on tap here as well. We've reached out to Sony for clarification and will update this post should the company respond. Until then, you can rest assured that the face of Max Payne remains looking as constipated as ever.
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