Postmates is set to launch 15-minute food deliveries in NYC

But only below 34th Street.

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Andrew Tarantola
April 19, 2016 6:12 PM
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Postmates is set to launch 15-minute food deliveries in NYC
Even as Uber kills off its own rapid lunchtime delivery service in New York City, Postmates announced on Tuesday that it will launch its own version tomorrow starting at 11am EST. NYC deliveries will rely on Postmate's existing Pop program, which launched last October in San Francisco and last week in LA. A similar hour-long service should be launching in London later this year as well. With Pop, anyone on Manhattan between 34th street and the Bowery will get their orders in a quarter hour, at no additional delivery fee. Now you'll be able to get your 4/20 munchies tomorrow in record time without having to get off the couch.
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