Vizio brings tablet remotes and 4K to lower-cost TVs

The M-Series now has an Android controller, and the E-Series makes 4K ridiculously affordable.

You don't have to splurge on Vizio's higher-end P-Series TVs to get some of their nicer features. The company is trotting out new M-Series and E-Series sets that bring over some of the nicer features, even if they aren't quite as eye-catching. Like its pricier counterpart, the M-Series now uses a 6-inch Android tablet remote (running the company's SmartCast app) and supports Google Cast streaming from other devices in your home. It's a big step up in quality over last year's model, too. There are twice as many active LED lighting zones (64) for higher contrast ratios, and you'll get luxuries like support for HDR video and Dolby Vision. Prices for the soon-to-launch, 4K-only line start at $850 for a 50-inch set, and scale all the way up to $4,000 for an 80-inch behemoth.

And don't worry if you're just looking for 4K without the frills -- you're covered as well. The updated E-Series now includes a few 4K models, starting at $470 for a 43-inch version and moving up to $1,700 for a 70-incher. You won't get a tablet, HDR or Dolby Vision, and there are only 12 active LED zones. However, you'll find both Google Cast and support for SmartCast through the devices you already have. The sets are rolling out today, so they might be your best bet if you just have to watch that 4K Blu-ray and can't afford close to a grand for the privilege.

Vizio's 2016 E-Series TV