'Ark: Survival of the Fittest' brings dinosaur combat to PS4

One-of-a-kind competitive multiplayer.

What would happen if you combined The Hunger Games with Jurassic Park? That's the idea behind Survival of the Fittest, a standalone game based on ARK: Survival Evolved. The so-called "Multiplayer Online Survival Arena" title launched on PC last month, and now it's headed towards the PlayStation 4. Starting on July 19th, console players will be able to fight for supremacy using the resources on an ever-shrinking arena. The aim is to quickly collect materials, craft better gear and, if you're lucky, tame some dinosaurs to ravage your opponents. It's a whacky concept, for sure.

The PlayStation 4 release will come with some new additions. Kayd Hendricks, a gameplay designer at Studio Wildcard, says the team is working on splitscreen multiplayer, local LAN play and a practice mode that lets you compete with bots offline. It'll also support Survivor League, an eSports-style ranking system that doles our cash prizes to the best players every month. If you're the competitive type that's burned out on traditional shooters and MOBAs, this could be a refreshing turn of pace.