Gmail on Android is ready for your Exchange account

And Google Drive gives you notifications in Chrome.

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Gmail threw the doors open when it added support for non-Google email accounts, but there was one glaring omission: you couldn't get Microsoft Exchange support on all devices. Not consistently, anyway. What if you want to get your work email without turning to another app? Relax. Google is trotting out an update to Gmail for Android that supports Exchange on all devices, so your corporate reports can live in the same app as your personal messages. The update isn't available for everyone right away, so be patient if you're eager to move your correspondence.

You'll at least have something else to try while you're waiting. An update to Google Drive on the web has introduced Chrome notifications that let you know whenever someone either shares files or requests access. It's a small thing (you'd ultimately get these notifications one way or the other), but it could save valuable time when you're waiting for that all-important document.

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