Twitter lets you flag multiple abusive tweets in one report

The company says added details help it resolve issues faster.

Michael Nagle/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Twitter has been continually improving the process for reporting abuse on the social channel, including simplifying the process a while back. The company is rolling out an update to the web, iOS and Android apps that will allow you to attach multiple tweets to the same abuse report. In other words, if there's a string of harassment, you can give a lot more detail without having to file multiple complaints. Twitter says this will not only give it more info on a report, but will also help resolve issues faster.

Last April, the social network began using software to filter out tweets that show sings of abuse, including threats of violence, in addition to temporarily locking down those accounts. Twitter has been criticized for its rather soft treatment of trolls and those posting harassing content in the past, and rightfully so. The best way to combat abuse remains for us, the users, to report those statements directly. The company is trying to be more proactive, though, establishing a safety council earlier this year that's charged with helping rid the platform of abusive statements and harassing behavior.